Roma, 12 Marzo 2013
    Il “Porcellum” vanifica l'articolo 67 della Costituzione

Our Constitution replica louis vuitton handbags states: 'Every member of Parliament represents the Nation and carries out his duties without a binding mandate'.

In other words, the Parliamentary Assembly, being the direct expression of the voters, has no constraints against the party that elected replica chanel handbags him. But is it really so? Can an ordinary law (in this case the election) have the strength to make a provision of the Constitution irrelevant?  

Two political events of these days it would seem so. The five stars are neoparlamentari 'blackmailed' by their leaders that they 'threat' to abandon the policy if any of them will dare to vote confidence in a government supported by the 'old' parties. Result all covered and aligned.

In the other camp MPs replica fendi handbags from the PDL can not avoid taking sides in favor of their leader, who complains of a judicial persecution and them 'forced' to participate in questionable demonstrations in front of one of the courts that see him accused. Also in this case all aligned and covered.

Two different fields, but in both situations the article 67 of the Supreme replica prada handbags Paper does not seem to be able to guarantee the autonomy of thought of the representative of the nation.

There is a thread that ties these two events. Both are daughters of the infamous 'porcellum'. A closed list electoral law, which binds as a hostage to the Parliamentary Assembly 'appointed' to its leader, otherwise it will not run again.

The intention of the founding fathers is then denied by an ordinary law, which makes the absolute dominus party leaders. A constitutional provision, in fact, is mortified by an ordinary law.

The situation of the Hellenic non-governance, which has given us the vote, highlights the need to return to vote as soon as possible, but certainly after changing an electoral law that has not only produced the situation that we know today, but which also has vilified the role of Parliamentarians, which is essential in a representative democracy.

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On. Avv. Isabella Bertolini

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Il “Porcellum” vanifica l'articolo 67 della Costituzione
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Il “Porcellum” vanifica l'articolo 67 della Costituzione

Our Constitution replica louis vuitton handbags states: 'Every member of Parliament represents the Nation and carries out his duties without a binding...
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